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What is Sundeala Board Used For?

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A look at the applications of Sundeala board

Sundeala works by Jaggery, 2012 (Creative Commons License, Attribution-Share Alike)
The Sundeala works in Cam, Gloucestershire. Image by Jaggery, 2012 (Creative Commons License, Attribution-Share Alike)

For the last 80 years, Sundeala has been the last word in recycled board products. The company, based in Cam, Gloucestershire, is a maker of presentation products including pinboards. They offer bespoke products and off-the-peg designs with education, health, and construction sectors their main client base.

Theo’s Timber stocks Sundeala board and pinboard with a wide range of colours. As well as having our own stocks, additional colours can be ordered from the manufacturers (though with a longer turnaround time). Their Eco Boards offer a viable alternative to cork and are popular items in the home, school, and office.

Why is Sundeala eco friendly? It is made from recycled newsprint. All those copies of your favourite scandal sheet or highbrow newspaper are loving pulverised into notice boards, presentation display boards and as a hobby board. As well as notice boards, it is good for model railways.

We at Theo’s Timber love its flexibility. As well as pinboards, it’ll suit us well if we feel the need to recapture Manchester Victoria station before the MEN Arena plonked itself on platforms 11 to 17. With 200 Airport Express buses, taxis, and all.

Theo’s Timber, 24 February 2017.

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