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Advice For Buying Timber & Board

Timber Buying Guide

If you are a DIY person, there is a high possibility that you will have ‘buy timber’ in your to-do list. The process of purchasing timber is not a simple process given that there are so many varieties to choose from.

timber productsThe timber store has different sizes, cuts, and types of lumber, each with its specific function. There are also different timber quality types that you ought to know. Some of your projects may work with any wood type while others require the best quality to avoid transferring the wood defects to the end timber products. Below are some helpful tips.

  • Bring Along the Right Tool

One way of ensuring that you get value for your money is by ensuring that you carry all the necessary tools when visiting the lumber yard. Carry your calculator and measuring tape to ensure that you calculate everything before you pay for it. The merchants will determine the price of wood depending on the length, thickness as well as the volume purchased.

  • Check beyond the surface

It is always important to check the inner parts, especially when dealing with rough material. Wood can have natural defects like checks, decay and holes made by worms. Boards in the rough are sometimes different from the materials that are surfaced. You can check how the material changes when it is surfaced or look at the grain patterns behind the saw patterns.

  • Consider the Colour

Colour is an essential feature in woodwork. A single board with a wrong colour can ruin your timber products. You can easily tell whether boards have the same colour even when in their rough state. You can avoid making the colour mistake by ensuring that you do your inspection at a place with good lighting.

Timber Buying FAQs

  •  What should I look for when buying lumber?

When buying lumber, you should choose timber depending on your need. For example, hardwood timber is good for fine woodworking, furniture construction and flooring while yard lumber will be the right choice for ordinary building and construction purposes. Quality is another factor to consider because the quality of the end products depends on the quality of the materials used.

  • What is the best wood to use outside?

Pressure-treated wood is the best for using in outside environments. This wood is pressure type is pressure treated with a chemical that preserves the lumber to enable it to endure harsh elements like water, pests and direct sunshine. You can use this type of wood on outdoor things like decks, picnic tables and posts without worrying whether it is hardwood or softwood. It is easy to identify pressure treated lumber as it has a green hue and is slightly wet.

  • Will Theo’s Timber cut wood to size?

Yes. If you are in Manchester or any part of North West UK, Theo’s Timber Ltd is a one-stop-shop for all your timber needs in both retail and wholesale supplies. The yard has a wide variety of timber products. You can contact them for any special order or a specific product.

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