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Benefits of Tongue & Groove Chipboard

Tongue & Groove Chipboard Flooring

To begin with, chipboard flooring is often referred to as particle board flooring. It comprises a collection of wood made from wood shavings, chips, or sawdust that are not of use. Moreover, these particles are compressed and extruded with synthetic resin to bind them together. The final product features a smooth yet durable chipboard ideal for putting underneath the floor. Thus, most people have opted for these exclusive flooring units due to their strength and quality performance.

Benefits of Choosing T&G Chipboard by Theo’s Timber Ltd

T&G Chipboard FlooringWhen it comes to giving the best quality and reliable Tongue & Groove chipboard flooring, Theo’s Timber Ltd is the best choice. Choosing our exclusive flooring unit brings you tons of benefits regardless of the type of use. Theo’s Timber Ltd is a popular merchant and wholesaler for timber supplies in Manchester and throughout the North West, UK. We are known to offer three varieties of chipboard flooring to meet the different desires of businesses. Benefits include;

  • Economical to use

This type of chipboard flooring is wood, crafted product, which means that a variety of wood chips, offcuts, sawdust, among other wood products, are combined to make it. As such, it has an affordable price than any other alternatives. Besides, it has a robust construction to give you lasting performance while saving your money.

  • Easy to lay

Our particle board flooring sheets have been made to suit flooring needs in particular. Hence, their general design allows for easy and fast fitting. Additionally, the tongue and groove included on all sides ensure the joints are tight. Thus, a close-fitting on any floor surface is enhanced. This makes it easier to fit with different tools or adhesives.

  • Ultimate safety for home use

We value your family members’ safety and health; that’s why our T&G chipboard flooring meets the required standards set by BS EN312. To clarify, it is engineered to provide reliable strength, resist fire, and moisture, including other hazards. Therefore, you can install it even in the kitchen place and shower rooms with confidence.

  • Smooth and dependable

As a reinforced wood piece, a T&G chipboard flooring is uniformly made and stable. You will like how soft it sticks into position without a fuss. This unit allows you to use it without any stress as there are no knots to contend with. Plus, you won’t have to check for voids, unlike in plywood. As a result, no wastage of your chipboard flooring unit, making it more economical.

Why should you choose T&G Chipboard Flooring?

  • It’s budget-friendly
  • It’s safe to use
  • Smooth and reliable
  • It’s easy to lay
  • Easy to cover

To conclude, it takes the best quality of the chipboard to satisfy your desired flooring needs. If you are searching for the best T&G flooring sheets, Theo’s Timber Ltd’s 605mm thick unit will be the perfect fit. Above all, we are known to offer three varieties of chipboard flooring to meet the different businesses’ desires.

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