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Cross Grain vs. Long Grain MDF

Medium-Density Fibreboard Long Grain And Short Grain

Flexible medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a replacement for ancient types of wood such as maple and oak. Apart from boasting of excellent durability and strength levels, medium-density fibreboard is more significant due to its cost-effectiveness factor. The technology used in developing MDF is a fascinating event that many consumers are not familiar to. Medium-density fibreboard comes in two forms, short or cross and long grain.

Explanation (Cross grain vs Long grain )

flexible MDF boardCross-grain (short grain)

Is a board of woodcut in a manner that, its grain lines run diagonally or across the board as opposed to parallel with the long edge of the board, thus the name cross? The most commonly known cross-grain is plywood. Plywood is widely used across the world in the construction of cabinets and office partitions. Other than the fact that cross-grain is stronger than solid wood, it is also considered to be more durable than other types of wood. This fact is because solid wood tends to expand and contract with variations in temperature and humidity levels of its surrounding. This causes newly constructed solid wood furniture to change shape and dimension as they settle and dry. With cross-grain, your worries of temperature changes and moisture fluctuations are minimised.

Long grain

This type of wood is cut through the radius of growth rings parallel to the grain direction to see the radial grain. Both radial grain and quarter grain (radial grain) are commonly known as long grain. Due to its unique structure, how the board is cut dictates the different appearance of the wood grain.

Benefits of flexible MDF board

If a lot of constructors across Europe and the world knew more about flexible MDF board benefits, then construction would be a bit more fun. Here are some of the benefits of MDF:

  • It is ready to paint
  • Ready to stain
  • Excellent seem hibernating qualities
  • It is possible to laminate before painting
  • Suitable for a considerable number of applications including counter fronts, wavy walls, columns, stage and film sets, and ceilings.

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