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Flame Retardant Wood FAQs

What is a flame retardant wood?

Flame retardant wood does not ignite in case of a fire. It is treated in with anti-combustion elements that prevent the combining of all the necessary conditions for burning. This way, the wood slows the spread of fire where it is used.

Where is the flame retardant MDF used?

flame retardant woodThe flame retardant MDF can be used in all areas where your conventional MDF is used. Such areas include making of booths, furniture, shelves and cabinets, staircases, doors, decorations, flooring and speaker boxes, among others. It is an engineered wood that is made by combining wood particles with resin under high temperature and pressure. This makes it strong and durable.

How long does flame retardant wood last?

Unlike wood that dipped, sprayed or coated with flame retardant paints, fire-retardant-treated wood can last the lifetime of the building. Most buildings are renovated or torn down in 50 years. Therefore, most flame retardant wood products have a warranty period of 50 years. However, it can last twice the period if the building is well maintained.

How should I handle flame retardant MDF?

Flame retardant wood products have similar to untreated wood products. You should always wear gloves and long-sleeved shirts to prevent injury from wood splitters when carrying your MDF. If sawing through the wood, always wear a dust mask and eye protection to prevent the dust from getting into your eyes or breathing it.

How should you dispose of flame retardant wood?

Flame retardant wood is treated like preservative-treated wood. However, it is not a hazardous product. Therefore, it is legal to dispose of the flame-retardant wood products to a landfill. However, this should always be the last option. Try to reuse the wood whenever possible. If not, take the wood to recycling centres where it can be made into other products.

What Fasteners can I use with the MDF?

When purchasing fastener, you should always treat flame retardant wood like preserved wood. You should go for such fasteners as zinc-coated galvanised steel, copper or silicon bronze. Timber rivets, lag screws and wood screws should be made of zinc-coated steel to prevent corrosion.

Do you need to retreat the wood?

No. You do not need to do other treatments on the wood. The process of curing the wood is done under high temperatures. Therefore, it gives the wood all the qualities of a chemically-treated wood in terms of resistant to termite attack and water damage.

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