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Glasgow’s Clydeside Timber Tower

How a seven storey timber tower with views of the River Clyde will be Scotland’s tallest timber structure

River Clyde timber tower post image by Skully (via Shutterstock).
Views of Glasgow’s iconic River Clyde will be available to those living in CCG’s timber tower in Yoker. Image by Skully (via Shutterstock).

CCG Construction are in the midst of building Scotland’s tallest timber tower block. The 42 dwelling development, designed by MAST Architects, will offer superb views of the River Clyde among its seven storeys. Situated on Ellersie Road, Yoker, it will be near the landing stage for the Renfrew ferry.

The timber tower block will be built with CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). Cross Laminated Timber has the same sturdiness as galvanised steel. It has three, five, or seven laminated panels of timber with one layer of timber pieces on top of another layer, rotated 90°, with the pattern continuing with each layer.

CLT was first used in 2003 as a sustainable alternative building material to steel. Cross Laminated Timber’s highest point was London’s Murray Grove development. Completed in 2009, it is the tallest timber tower block in the United Kingdom at nine storeys.

CCG (Scotland) Ltd are based in Glasgow and specialise in prefabricated construction methods. They are a leading exponent of modern off-site construction methods – particularly with cross laminated timber and bespoke projects. Affordable housing schemes are their forte.

Most of the 42 flats will have their own balcony and private car parking. They will back onto the Riverbank Dental Practice and Yoker Medical Centre on Dumbarton Road. There are frequent bus routes and Yoker railway station has frequent trains to Glasgow city centre.

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