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Hardwood Timber FAQs

4 Facts You Need to Know about Hardwood Timber

Hardwood has been at the core of the construction industry for decades. It is naturally durable because it is obtained from slow-growing, broad-leaved woody vegetation. At Theo’s Timber Limited, we use hardwood timber to make a wide range of products including soft boards, bespoke flooring material, and DIY panels.

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As we deal with clients, we often come across questions regarding hardwood and its applications. In this article, we seek to answer four of them in depth. So read on to know more about hardwood.

  1. What is the Difference between Softwood and Hardwood?

The difference lies in their means of reproduction, not appearance and weight as most people tend to think. Hardwood occurs in angiosperms or flowering plants such as beech, oak, and maple. Softwood, on the other hand, comes from gymnosperm plants like pine, spruce, and other coniferous trees.

  1. Is Hardwood Stronger Than Softwood?

Hardwood is generally considered harder than softwood. However, there are a few exceptions worth noting. Balsa, a hardwood, is softer than most softwoods. softwoods. On the other hand, yew trees produce softwood that is harder than most hardwood trees. Besides that, hardwood is more difficult to curve than softwood. However, they can split easily when you drive nails or wedges into them. You can use drill screwing instead. Softwood, on the other hand, is less dense, softer, and lighter. Also, they have straight fibre which can bend easily. They can easily take in nails without splitting.

  1. What Makes Hardwood Hard?

The strength of a hardwood comes from its complex structure and closely-knit fibre. They have pores that vary in size, shape, and thickness. These vessels have cell walls that are strengthened with lignin. The presence of spiral thickenings in the cell wall structure also contributes a great deal in hardwood sturdiness.

  1. What is Hardwood Timber Used for?

Hardwood is an excellent material for first-grade construction. Since it is strong, we use it to make unique flooring and roofing material. Homeowners looking for durable and aesthetic kitchen cabinets can also opt for our hardwood solutions. Besides the construction sector, hardwood has application in other fields such as the art industry – it’s used to make high-end musical instruments. It is also used to make some kitchen appliances and utensils.

Now that you know more about timber, you can check out our inventory at Theo’s Timber Limited for exceptional hardwood timber products across the North West UK. We use a variety of species including oak, beech, maple, and ash to match our clients’ high standards. Also, we are environmentally conscious since we outsource our materials from sustainable sources. So give us a call today for a quote or further inquiries

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