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Oak Veneered vs. Solid Oak

The Difference Between Oak Veneered and Solid Oak

When shopping for furniture, most people tend not to be sure about the difference between solid wood and veneer wood. In most cases, shoppers confuse the two timbers, getting one instead of the other. To understand these two better, below is a highlight of Oak veneered vs. solid oak:

Oak Veneer

oak veneered MDFOak veneer is made from thin pieces of decorative oak wood that is fitted to a solid core, making the pieces warping and moisture resistant. It is this nature that makes veneered furniture more durable as compared to solid oak furniture pieces. When dealing with high-end pieces, oak veneered MDF is preferred over solid oak as it can be stained to produce a desired finishing.


  • It is beautiful – Most sellers opt to cut their wood logs into veneer pieces as they are attractive and sell more.
  • It is economical – Veneer is not cut using a saw but sliced from a log using a knife. As a result, no sawdust goes to waste, creating more veneer pieces.
  • Various designs can be created from veneer – Veneer is thin, making it easy for designers to work with it as opposed to solid wood.

Solid Oak

Solid Oak pieces are expensive as compared to veneered ones. This is because they are entirely made of oak, meaning that the exposed pieces do not contain particle board or plywood. Also, solid oak products have a more high-quality feel than oak veneer.


  • Easy maintenance – Solid wood is more practical than oak veneer. This is because it can be easily repaired. Repairing solid oak will cost you less as compared to repairing oak veneer.

Where to Get Your Timber

At this point, you can easily distinguish oak veneer from solid oak. What remains is where to get quality oak veneered MDF. Theo’s Timber Ltd is a leading timber merchant and suppliers of timber in Manchester and North West, UK. Customers are guaranteed of high-quality products that will meet the need of their projects. At Theo’s Timber, you will find an extensive range of timber products suitable for various project requirements.

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