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Is OSB Board Waterproof?

OSB substrate for water-resistant systems is a very practical construction method. This plate type is a versatile and extremely durable building material. OSB is a material that is used in many areas of construction. This is intended cover material; Used for floor, roof, ceiling, and walls.

What is OSB?

OSB BoardOSB (Oriented Strand Board), is a product that is similar to plywood. Not like plywood, OSB is a building material consisting of several layers of strands of wood fibres that are compressed and bonded with high strength resins. In the outer layers, the strands are usually longitudinal, while the inner strands are perpendicular to the outer strands.

OSB Is Durable And Water Repellent

Every fibre or piece of wood in OSB is impregnated with a resin cocktail, which gives the final product excellent strength and water resistance. That type of construction turns OSB board to incredibly durable material. In many cases, it is intended for hosted applications (dependent on the OSB class). The type of plate is an exceptional material for waterproofing systems, whether roof, floor or wall.

OSB Substrate for Water Resistant Systems

OSB is an excellent substrate for water-repellent systems in the building process. The waterproofing system uses impermeable coatings and membranes on the substrate to protect the structural integrity and the contents. Whether it is a roof, a pedestal or a wall, OSB is the foundation on which membranes and coatings are applied to ensure a watertight seal. (Some water-repellant systems use foil and glue instead of a liquid membrane.)

Choose the Most Suitable Waterproofing System for Your Climate and Your Project

Regardless of whether you use a liquid membrane or foil sealing system, always use a system that suits your surface and weather. Heavy rains and year-round wetlands require more intensive applications. Theo timbers are here to provide you with the most suitable water-repellent system. Order your product with us, and enjoy the benefit of quality delivery at affordable prices. We also give a discount in case of damages. You can also return a product to us in case it is damaged.

OSB Is a First-Class Construction Material

OSB substrates for water-repellent systems are just as durable and flexible as plywood. The type of board is structurally stronger than plywood and adds an extra layer of physical firmness. This strength and stability are crucial in the construction waterproofing systems. Please contact us on 0161 834 6789 or by email to for more information about our water-resistant systems and their similarity with OSB board.

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