Blockboard 2440 x 1220mm

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Blocked Core Plywood Face.  Please call us on 0161 834 6789 to confirm availability or email


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Blocked Core Plywood Face

Order blockboard and slip resistant Hardwood Core Plywood products here from Theo’s Timber Ltd. Our Plywood is available in a wide range of sizes, used for many different applications. Samples are available if required. Please contact us on 0161 834 6789 for availability and pricing or send us an email enquiry to

We stock quality wood products for specific uses in constructions around homes and commercial buildings. Some of the products include slip resistant hardwood and blockwood. We stand by quality and ensure that all the engineered wood we sell is made of high-quality materials. Our firm also guarantees the use of the recommended procedures and proper storage.


Blockboards are wood panels made from a softwood core that is sandwiched between layers of thin MDF, hardwood or softwood under very high pressure. The core is made of several strips that are glued together side by side. Each strip is about 28mm wide. Given that they are made of softwood, the board is lighter compared to other types of engineered wood such as MDF and plywood. However, the densities of the core are determined by the softwood species.

You can use blockwood to make a variety of furniture pieces that include shelves, tables, doors, wall partitions and panelling. Due to the type of glue that is used to hold the pieces together, this kind of wood is best-used interiors. In addition to being lightweight and producing a great finish, it has a good screw holding capacity just like the solid wood. It also does not warp like plywood and other engineered wood types. You can also have the board in a variety of finishes such as plastic laminate wood veneers or melamine paper.

Slip Resistant Hardwood Core

Most wood floors have slick finishes. This may present a slip and fall hazard when used in some areas such as floors of commercial buildings and entertainment joints or even at home. Luckily, there are wood products that come with slip-resistant finishes. With the finish, there is a reduced risk that anyone would slip and fall when walking on the surface. Most of these wood floors have a matte finish, which looks great in many floor applications.

The core of the boards is made of high quality hardwood species to ensure its strength and durability when used on the floor. The boards are resistant to warping and can take a fair amount of abuse by foot. Unlike the softwood boards, these are heavy with high densities to handle lots of weight. The core is conveniently glued between boards under pressure and, therefore, less likely to come off. These boards are a great choice for use at home, especially if there is an elderly member. They are also used in restaurants, dance floors and any other wood floor.

We stock some of the best boards in the market and guarantee durability. This makes them a good choice for your next project. Contact us for more information on either of the above products.

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White Beech MDF (2440×1220)


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