Marine Grade Plywood 2440 x 1200mm

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2440 x 1220 x 3.6 mm is also available but is price on application

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Premium Marine Grade Plywood for Wet Area Applications

When building with wood in an environment where humidity is a problem, the chosen material is critical. It must be able to survive exposure to moisture. Marine plywood is one popular choice. Although regular plywood is a prominent construction material, it is susceptible to warping and degradation in wet conditions.

Marine grade plywood sheets are the next best alternative. The material consists of high-quality veneers bonded with waterproof glue. Due to the almost negligible gap in the mid-core, water is less likely to get trapped inside.

At Theos Timber, we offer this  plywood for various applications. The plywood is specially engineered for high humidity, making it suitable for outdoor furniture, joinery, underlay, flooring, cabinetry, and other uses.

Features of Marine Plywood

Our marine grade plywood sheets guarantee good value in different settings. Whether building a house or a musical instrument, expect durability. Plywood is strong, meaning you can count on a long lifespan. It is also water resistant, allowing it to withstand extended periods in damp and humid areas. However, the material is not rot resistant since it is not chemically treated. Therefore, you have to be careful about proper maintenance.

It is also versatile and delivers consistently attractive looks. Since it is easy to stain, paint and lacquer, the graded plywood gives you many finishing options.

Additionally, the natural resistance to blemishing means you don’t have to worry about your construction losing its good looks too fast. We have the material in standard plywood sizes and thicknesses. If you have specific size requests, contact us.

Theos Timber is FSC-certified, so, you can be sure about the sourcing and quality of our marine plywood. Browse our current selection to pick a product that matches your requirements.

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