OSB 3 Board – 2397 x 1197mm

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Order OSB 3 Board from Theo’s Timber Ltd at 2397 x 1197mm. To enquire about this product please call our timber specialists on 0161 834 6789 or email theos@theostimber.co.uk. The OSB 3 board is created from softwood fragments and laminates that are then coated with adhesive resin. They are applied in specific directions and hot-pressed to make a structural board. The BBA sorting allows its use in a variety of applications, such as ceilings and floors, both in domestic and commercial situations.

OSB 3 Board Main Features

• It has no knots or gaps
• Perfect for barns, platforms, display boards, shelves and more.
• It is very versatile
• OSB 3 we sell is moisture-proof and suitable for use in wet conditions


• OSB3 is more consistent and environmental friendly since it has no formaldehyde
• Cut leftover with accurate engineering panels. Each package contains high-quality standard panels without defects, errors or defamation.
• Makes work easier with a layer that is easy to drill, cut, dig, nail or crush. Bolts can move up to 8 mm from the edge of the plate without splitting
• OSB3 is softer and does not need sanding even in GRP roofing uses!


OSB 3 board is widely utilised in the wood frame construction firm to manufacture sheathing and cladding elements. It works easily with machine and hand tools and is as well appropriate for use as storage sites, pallets decks, and industrial packaging.

Why choose Theos Timber for OSB 3 Board?

As Theo’s Timber Ltd, we manufacture and supply this product in various sizes at affordable prices. The OSB we provide is used as a practical alternative to plywood. It is more convenient for load functions during construction. It is an engineered wood that has wooden threads connected by adhesives. When mixing, the threads are arranged in a specific direction. The waterproofing resin used in the joint gives the material durability, which makes it perfect for high-quality construction. Our OSB 3 can withstand a lot of tension.

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2397 x 1197mm


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