Flexible Bending

This form of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is one of our biggest brands here at Theo’s Timber Limited. They derive their name from the oak hardwood species it is made from. These are the types of flexible bending products we offer;

  • Flexible Bending Plywood – this is a product that is made either long grain or short grain depending on which way you need to bend it. The grain on the faces opens up like the ridges of a fan giving flexibility but lots of gaps in the faces.
  • Flexible MDF – this is a product that is made either long grain or short grain depending on which way you need to bend it. The MDF is routed out in straight lines 4mm or 5mm apart allowing for a ridge like effect on the outside of the board. Smooth but not round, looks like it goes around in steps.
  • Flexible Paperbacked Veneer – this is a 0.8mm sheet with brown paper on one side and the veneer glued to the face side. Generally long grain and can be wrapped around your finger, as it is so flexible, as long as it is the direction of the veneer.
Appealing Aesthetic Value
The oak veneered MDF is the best raw material for structural objects such as wardrobes, owing to its attractive look on top and along the panels. This is probably because, the flexible MDF is cut from a log, meaning it possesses features such as grain, texture and colour identical to the log.Advantages and PreferencesOur brands are ideal for laser cutting thanks to their structural nature. The veneer comes in two different types:

  • A Grade Veneer- the most sophisticated quality.
  • B Grade Veneer- the grade with the natural look of veneer.

At Theo’s Timber Limited we strive to achieve product differentiation as our oak veneered MDF can be cut in two different ways during production;

  • They can be cut at 90 degrees in what we refer to as a ‘Quarter Cut’, thus achieving a straight grain effect.

More character can be added to the final look through cutting to get crowns from the logs in what is known as ‘Crown Cut.’

User guidance

Our clients are our priority hence we intend to ensure you get value for your money through our product. Being a product of wood, it tends to twist, thus we advocate for the proper strapping to laser before cutting.

We pride ourselves in appealing aesthetic value of our different products taken from a myriad of European oak species. We ensure that our clients are fully satisfied by the products we offer that’s why quality is really important to us.

Place your order now and get state of the art fittings for your home or office space from our product.

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