Melamine Faced Chipboard

Order Melamine Faced Chipboard in a range of styles and sizes to choose from.

Our Melamine Faced Chipboard at Theo’s Timber limited come with a varying thickness suitable for both domestic furniture use and commercial-grade applications. It is made of premium papers and resins to support high traffic and have high-quality melamine surface that is entirely bounded in each side to ensure that you have a beautiful visual touch and a wood-like texture. It is commonly used in closets, office furniture, cabinetry projects, doors, and kitchen shelves, among others.

Benefits of MFC

Our melamine chipboards come in a variety of colours and can be incredible resources for your DIY projects. You can choose to build easy to clean and stain-resistant kitchen cabinets with them. We offer precise cutting services to provide you with the required size of chipboard to suit your needs and ensure that you avoid chip-out edges. Our melamine chipboard is resistant to water and can’t change shape when wet. It is also made from a high scratch-resistant material, and you can store bulky items in the cabinets without damaging its surface. The cleaning process is much uncomplicated, and you don’t have to wipe the surfaces with a lot of disinfectants, hence suitable for kitchen applications. MFC doesn’t have any natural defects and has excellent thermal and soundproof properties, which makes it ideal for auditorium and theatre ceilings.

Why you need to buy from us

At Theo’s Timber Limited, we provide ideal materials for multiple applications using real wood grain repeatedly printed onto a melamine filament and adequately heat processed to come up with high standard MFC. Our melamine faced chipboard can easily be cut edged or treated to bring out a great combination of decor and material. We offer lightweight chipboards that you can easily transport or handle from one place to another. Our product doesn’t require any finishing once you construct a unit; you fit it into the required position with no further treatments. When you purchase from us, you enjoy multiple benefits including;

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable material.
  • Authentic surfaces.
  • Optimal surfaces properties.
  • High durability.
  • Affordable prices.

Buy quality melamine faced chipboards from Theo’s Timber limited, whether you are in Manchester or North West UK, with high hardness, excellent wear resistance and quick installation. For home use, our MFC has flat surfaces, bright colours, are resistant to grease, alcohol, and alkalis to allow easy maintenance. You will love the natural wood look and texture available in dozens of colour sheds to suit your preferences. For any enquiries regarding our Melamine Faced Boards range of products, please call us on 0161 834 6789 or email any enquiries to

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Showing all 4 results