Melamine Faced Chipboard

A suitable solution when looking for the perfect material for interior designs is melamine faced chipboard (MFC). Affordability and practicability are the two main reasons the product is popular in woodworking and construction. MFC is engineered wood. It’s made by binding machined wood chips using a strong resin.

The result is durable composite wood whose texture resembles that of real wood. For this reason, it’s ideal in applications that require a wood effect without a budget for the natural option. Due to the high-pressure heat bonding, the boards can be water-resistant. Theo’s Timber carries melamine faced chipboard sheet boards in different sizes and colours. Whatever your project, you can count on the quality of our products.

Get Endless Designs with Melamine Board

The versatility of MFC enables you to get maximum value from the material. Interior designs are some of the most popular uses. In kitchens, you can create stunning counter tops, cabinets and different fixtures. It’s also suitable for bedroom and office furniture. You can build everything from shelves to wardrobes.

Construction is another sector that capitalises on the qualities of melamine faced chipboard. Due to its water resistance, MFC works great for areas where moisture is an issue.

Although MFC gives you the aesthetics of solid wood timber, it’s lightweight. Additionally, it doesn’t require extra treatment. Hence, you can create beautiful designs without the additional costs of finishing. The material is easy to work with, which makes custom designs uncomplicated. Whether you are making office desks or wardrobe carcasses, you can cut MFC sheets to match the desired style.

If you are unsure about using a melamine board for your project, contact us for assistance. Our experts are always ready to give tips and consultations. We can also help if you need MFC boards in specific sizes.

Buy High-Grade MFC

As a material, MFC is highly sustainable. It’s produced from wood sourced from sustainable forests. Theo’s Timber has FSC certification, which guarantees all our products are ethically sourced. Therefore, you can use the material in your construction project or other applications without worrying about your carbon footprint. MFC is more eco-friendly than most alternatives.

All our products are of superior quality. So, our affordable prices don’t mean you have to compromise on standards. The first-grade MFC boards we stock are ideal for high-traffic environments. They deliver hard-wearing surfaces that can put up with constant pressure without losing their appearance.

Browse our range to find a melamine faced chipboard sheet that meets your requirements. We have boards in different thicknesses and sizes to suit a broad category of needs.

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