OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

Since 1963 when it was introduced, Oriented Strand Board has been used as a viable alternative to Plywood. It is most suitable for load-bearing functions during construction. OSB is an engineered wood that contains wood strands held together by adhesives. During mixing, the strands are laid out in a particular orientation. The waterproof resin that is used for the bonding gives the material a durability that makes it ideal for high-quality constructions. It can withstand a significant amount of stress. We have an extensive range of OSB board selections for all kind projects.

Versatile Building Material

OSB board has gained a larger market share than plywood over the years, which is why the material comes in various styles. Your requirements will determine which OSB sheets to get. Commonly, builders opt to use OSB as sheathing in walls, roof decking and as subfloors. The pliable wood can also be used in making furniture. One huge advantage you gain is the consistency of the timber due to the high-pressure bonding of the wood chips and resin. This property means you do have to worry about knots in the sheets.

Products You Can Depend On

Theos Timber Ltd is the right partner when you need OSB board because we stock only the best. Our sheets are rated to ensure that they meet the required standards. They come in different grades and thicknesses so you can pick what works. The OSB may not have a continuous grain similar to that of wood, but it can be polished to give a beautiful surface, especially when using it in the exterior of the home.

OSB Board Suppliers

If you want a cheaper alternative to plywood for construction, OSB is worth a try. The quality material guarantees excellent construction, and we have it in various size options. Contact us for details about our OSB sheets and how they can suit your structural requirements.

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