FSC Plywood

Genuine FSC-Certified Plywood for Various Applications

Environmentally-conscious construction is becoming more popular with increased efforts to reduce carbon footprint. Customers are now more cautious about the types of raw materials they buy. The Forest Stewardship Council is the leading forest certification program. It’s one of the certifications to consider when purchasing wood.

FSC plywood is one of the products in our extensive range. Theos Timber has an FSC chain-of-custody certificate, so customers are assured of the standard of plywood that we carry. We are among the most reputable FSC plywood suppliers in Northwest UK.

Excellent FSC Wood Products for Different Uses

Plywood is suitable for various applications, including construction. We source plywood from some of the top manufacturers around the UK to ensure that our customers have the best alternatives. Whether it’s a new build or a remodelling, expect to find appropriate products that are FSC certified. Store fixtures, cabinets and furniture are some of the other uses for plywood.

Our plywood is available in softwood and hardwood panels. You can get the wood products in the available sizes or request a custom cut. If you require FSC-certified plywood with specific treatment for exterior use, our experts can assist.

When in need of FSC plywood in a variety of finishes and sizes, contact Theos Timber LTD for high-quality products. Capitalise on affordable materials that don’t compromise performance.

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