Marine Grade Plywood

High-grade Marine Plywood for Interior and Exterior Use

Marine grade plywood is specialised ply made for use in damp environments. The glue in the wood is what gives it the water-resistant quality. Marine ply has excellent face and inside veneers. It lacks voids to eliminate paths where water could infiltrate. The unique design of the wood means that it can survive significant exposure to moisture. Wet areas have high demands when it comes to wood materials.

The structure doesn’t only have to be strong but also resistant to moisturise to avoid water damage. Marine-grade ply is suitable for external shelving, joinery and temporary buildings. Some interior sections, such as boat cabins also benefit from this type of plywood. Theos Timber carries marine plywood of the highest quality.

Find Suitable Marine Plywood

We ensure that customers have a fair number of choices when it comes to choosing the ideal plywood. The material is available in different grades to cater to diverse needs. Your specific building requirements dictate the right type of marine plywood.

For example, the panels that you use for a luxury yacht are not the same ones you would get for an external joint in a new house. Elements that affect the grade of the ply include the species of the wood and the type of glue used for bonding. If unsure about the grade of marine boards to buy, we can help.

Adhering to Industry Standards

The BS 1088 is the common standard used for most marine-grade plywood. Manufacturers have to conform to certain rules like the permitted thickness tolerance, length and width of a standard size sheet. Check the product details before buying to see if it includes any standards.

At Theos Timber, we ensure that every piece in our product line meets basic production standards. Some manufacturers have certified marine-grade, which makes it more legitimate, especially for highly sensitive environments.

For marine grade plywood that delivers unrivalled performance, turn to Theos Timber. Browse our product category to see the alternatives we have available.

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