Bendywood ®

Pliable Wood

The species that this product is made in are: BEECH – ASH – MAPLE – OAK Can be machined in straight lengths like normal wood and then bent! Please phone for availability.

What is Bendywood®?

It is a solid hardwood that can be worked like normal wood and then bent in a cold and dry state. This special wood is obtained from blanks of hardwood (beech, ash, oak and maple) treated according to a particular thermo-mechanical process. The timber (with a section of 100×120 mm) is first treated with steam and then, while still damp, it is compressed along its length of about 20% and it is then clamped into a mould to that length and dried.

The wood can then be easily worked with traditional methods and bent to a radius of ten times (1: 1 0) its thickness in a cold and dry state (i.e.: a 10 mm thick board can be bent to a radius of 100 mm) offering great time savings, cost savings and a better finished products compared to traditional wood bending or laminating techniques.

What is our Bendywood® Used for?

Bendywood® is mainly used in the production of furniture, interior decoration and furnishing. Designers and manufacturers around the world are experimenting with a continually thinking of new applications for this material and the most common are: Curved, helical and shaped handrails; Skirtings for around walls and columns; Profiles to finish the edges of curved tables and worktops; Glazing beads; Model making.


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