Veneered Plywood

At Theos Timber Ltd, we offer a range of oak veneered plywood for industrial and domestic use. One of our most popular choices and commonly requested items; this plywood type allows for many fantastic applications.

The Possibilities of Veneered Plywood Are Endless

Easy to work with, veneered plywood is a versatile product allowing for much practical use. From furniture to flooring, desktops, musical instruments, decorative panelling, and sports equipment – the solutions offered here are vast. What’s more, the difference in slicing processes used as well as the range of grades offered guarantees neat end-results every time.
Whether in the home, workplace, or workshop, these board types are ideal for household and manufacturing use.

Veneered Plywood Is a Project Favourite

Oak Veneered Plywood is the most highly requested product in the timber industry, largely because of its strength and rigidity. Though made up of multiple thin slices of wood, the result is a harder wearing surface, that of the veneer.
Renowned for its ability to maintain both shape and strength throughout use, our plywood supplies are the most stable and durable products for industry usage.
Domestic customers also prefer these oak plywood products for their results in supporting home furnishing projects with minimum hassle. Ultimately the results are professional grade.

We Sell Products Types to Suit Every Budget

Though our boards come in industry-standard set sizes of 2400 x 1220 mm, to get the best solutions for all your projects, we provide a cut to size service. This allows us to reduce waste while providing all customers with a cost-effective cut each time.
We work to customer specifications offering a variety of cuts in our boards with a range of colour shades. Our panels are defect-free with smooth finishing’s, so you can work immediately on your projects. Furthermore, with a coarse texture on each board, all our products stain exceptionally well, lending a spectacular completion to all project types.

Purchase your Supplies Direct from Theos Timber Ltd

All customers can call, click, and collect their timber purchases from our Manchester-based depot. A dedicated family-owned business, we have competitively supplied the marketplace for many successful years.
With a client base covering the North West UK and beyond, whether you have a large-scale project, unique specification, or require a supply of ongoing material, consider Theos Timber Ltd for all your Oak Veneered Plywood.

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