Veneered Plywood

Theo’s Timber Ltd Offers Quality Veneered Plywood
Theo’s Timber Ltd are a family owned merchant in the timber supplies trade. Offering high quality materials, a quick and effective service and quality professional tradesmen, we’re proud to serve the people of Manchester and further across the North West, UK.

Benefits of veneer plywood

There are a number of benefits to choosing veneered plywood for your project. It is a thing of beauty and completely unique as no two sheets are the same. Alongside its beauty is strength, temperature extremes and moisture can cause solid wood to swell and ultimately crack. When veneer is added to a substrate, its strength increases meaning it can cope with a number of stresses. As a result, veneer plywood is extremely durable. It is a material that is not prone to cracking or splitting meaning that you can rest assured that you’re getting value for money as well as the confidence that it’s going to last for many years to come.

Due to its versatility, this material can be used for a range of items including cabinets, dressers and wardrobes. Veneer is also easy to work with so if you’re keen on DIY projects around the home, it’s a good material to choose. Another major benefit of choosing veneer plywood is that it is environmentally friendly as it is a natural resource. If you are looking for a decorative product for your property or building that is beautiful, unique and environmentally friendly then you really do not need to look any further. It also has the major benefit of being environmentally friendly. At Theo’s Timber, we are more than happy to assist with your vision and to offer our experience and knowledge.

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