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What Is Scant Timber Used For

Scant timber is a type of timber that is used in building a none load-bearing wall partition. It is used as rafter material, which is also referred to as ‘framing.’ When the framing is constructed, the frame panel is faced, by the joiner with plasterboards. Sometimes the timber is used as cavity filler or acoustic insulation. You can shop for this product as well as many other types of timber based products at Theo’s Timber Ltd.

Scant timberThe timber is often, traditionally used in Manchester as well as Lancashire regions. The four sides of the sections are surfaced, and the finishing size is 42 by 699mm. Its corners, on the other hand, are squared and not rounded. The length varies from 2.4, 3.0, and 4.8. Sometimes though, the branches can be 3.6m in length.

Sometimes people confuse CLS with scant timber. These are different. CLS is commonly used for internal works like partitioning or boxing, while scant timber is an offshoot of CLS. It also may be used for a similar situation, and as stressed above, scant has a rather small finished size.

Best Quality

The best quality timbers are Picea Abies and Whitewood, which are usually imported from Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. They are sometimes imported from the Baltic regions as well as Canada. They are most commonly available as C16 Grade, when they are used with none loading –bearing walls example the stud partition walls. It is the grading that gives one a greater level of consistent quality. At Theo’s Timber Ltd, you will get an ungraded stock, which is equally essential in none load-bearing tasks.

Treated vs. Untreated Timber

Carcassing timber is available treated or untreated. Most people, however, prefer the treated choice because it offers superior strength than the untreated one. Also, the treated one has increased protection against rot and fungus. Therefore there is guaranteed lower maintenance demands as well as a longer life for the wood.

Nonetheless, the type of treatment for your wood depends on what you are using the wood for. For instance, if you will use it for an outdoor project, you will need the wood to be waterproofed. For an indoor project, on the other hand, would require a different treatment. The benefit of buying from Theo’s Timber Ltd is that the company offers the two treatment options, VacVac and Tanalising. Therefore you are in a better position to choose the kind of wood treatment that suits your project.

Graded or Ungraded

Grading timber involves drying it in a kiln. Here, excess moisture is removed from the wood, a process that enhances its strength and durability. The graded timber, therefore, is excellent for load-bearing while the ungraded one might not adequately serve the purpose. The graded timber is also available in various varieties of strength classes. If you are unsure of what quality to get, you can always contact Theo’s Timber Ltd on 0161 834 6789 or email for help.

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