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Why Is Sustainable Timber So Important?

A Vital Commodity

Sustainable timber

Timber is a vital commodity that has been used for thousands of years in the construction of houses, furniture, tools and so many other useful objects. Its easy for us to to take it for granted as we are all so familiar with its many uses but taking it for granted now has become something that may just affect all our lives in a very negative way. The pressures on economies around the world for growth and the needs of an ever increasing global population create enormous demand for resources such as timber. This demand leads to governments and companies globally to put aside moral considerations in their pursuit for profit when supplying timber. Timber suppliers destroy forests with no consideration for either the indigenous tribes that may live there or the impact on biodiversity that the destruction of their habitat will have. Many species of wildlife are becoming extinct at an alarming rate as their world is destroyed for financial gain.

The Environment

Deforestation and illegal logging are now recognised as having an extremely detrimental effect on our environment. Forests are essential to the healthy functioning of our planet, they take CO2 out of the air and replace it with oxygen as a by product of their natural function and growth. CO2 has been cited as a major cause of Global Warming and Climate Change. Forests around the world are the habitat of countless species of animals, birds, plants and insects many of which have yet to be identified or studied scientifically. It is difficult to overestimate just how important the health of the worlds forests is to mankind’s future. Destroying them it leaves nothing in its place and biodiversity is decimated.


The intelligent management of sustainable forests has become such an important issue today. In a responsibly maintained forest when a tree is taken then a new one is planted to replace it. In this way, timber suppliers can make sure the negative impact on the environment is minimised and the biodiversity that it supports continues to thrive for future generations.


Theos Timber Limited supplies FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber. When you see the FSC stamp on your hardwood timber you know that the wood is taken from an ethically and responsibly maintained forest and that the environmental impact of your purchase is at a minimum.

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