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Timber Maintenance for Winter

Winter is beckoning, and as other precautions are put in place, timber should be also be cushioned to survive the harsh weather conditions characterised by a significant drop in temperatures. Any garden structures and doors made of timber need to be treated to maintain their aesthetic value even after the winter.

Form of maintenance

Hardwood timberGood quality preservatives go a long way to protect fences, wooden decks, sheds and posts among other structures made out of wood from the extreme weather conditions during winter. It is also the time to add another coat of wood treatment to your exterior doors to ensure that water does not sip in during this season.

Tips for maintaining timber for winter

Keeping timber dry ensures that it is durable, and winter is an obvious inhibition to this. The following tips help to counter the effects of winter on your hardwood timber bought online:

  • Choose a good clear vanish for your timber.
  • When you buy hardwood timber online, always choose darker finishes as they maintain the wood for a longer period than clear ones.
  • Apply one or two coats of your preferred finish for better results.
  • Inspect any piece of timber underneath to ensure that it does not keep moisture or dirt.
  • Most finishes are either made of oil or water.
  • Oil finishes leave a layer that ensures the longevity of your timber as opposed to water finishes.

High-quality timber

Aside from the high moisture level that is imminent in winter, timber also suffers attacks from fungi and termites, as well as powder infestation which may not necessarily happen at your home. They can originate from the source of the wood. It is, therefore, imperative that you entrust your timber needs to Theo’s Timber Limited, reputable timber merchants for timber supplies in Manchester and throughout the North West, UK. Make your order online and get high-quality hardwood timber sourced from sustainable destinations.

Quality inspires preservation.

Our hardwood varieties like maple, oak, beech and ash give you an array of preservatives to choose from without losing the quality of your decks, shed and other products like your home cabinets. When you buy hardwood timber online from our site, you can be sure that they will stay attractive even after the cold season.

Remedy for interior

Having delved on the timber outside like sheds, it is important to remember your timber cabinets inside. Ensure that your home is watertight and keep all moisture at bay, thus leaving your hardwood maintained by being dry in winter just like in summer. Waterproofing materials will come in handy. Maintain your hardwood timber for winter and save yourself the agony of worrying about winter.

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