Timber Supplies Liverpool

Whether you have a big construction job or a small DIY project, the building materials you use are crucial. They can make or break your project. Therefore, you should only work with trustworthy suppliers.

Theos Timber Ltd is one of the best timber merchants that supply Liverpool with quality materials. We are a family-owned company that prioritises customer satisfaction. Our years of experience afford us unique insights into what clients want.

So, you can be confident we have the products and services that satisfy your needs. Apart from timber supplies in Liverpool, you can contact us for decking, cut-to-size timber and MDF supplies. Thanks to our reliability and high standards as a supplier, we work with a diverse client base in Liverpool and its surroundings.

Our Range of Products

We stock a huge array of timber products, ensuring that whatever your project, you can find the right supplies. Our choice of products includes veneered MDF, CLS wood, birch plywood, softwood core plywood, chipboard, laminate wood and melamine-faced boards.

If you have specific building requirements, such as water-resistant or fire-retardant products, then you can find them here. Do you need timber accessories? Our range has everything from inserts to veneered edging tapes. We are among the leading timber suppliers in Liverpool because we source our products ethically and as an FSC-certified company.

Why Choose us for Timber in Liverpool?

With the large crop of timber suppliers in Liverpool, why should you consider us? Quality, for one. We insist on stocking products from reputable manufacturers. So, you can be certain of premium-grade materials for your building projects. Theo’s Timber has attractive prices for a host of products.

We have no hidden charges and ensure you only pay for what you are getting. Our team of experts is available to help you find the right products for a specific job. We cater to special requests with pleasure. If you need a custom cut for your boards, then contact our customer support.

Fast Delivery Services

It’s not enough that we offer some of the best timber Liverpool builders have ever used, we ensure they get it in time. Theo’s Timber prides itself in meeting strict delivery schedules. We have a well-maintained fleet of vehicles that allow us to deliver products as needed. Since we don’t use an outside service, our customers enjoy inexpensive delivery services. As you place an order, check out our Liverpool delivery charges below.


Amount Purchased
£0 – £299 +VAT

Amount Purchased
£300 +VAT

L1 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L2 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L3 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L4 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L5 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L6 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L7 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L8 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L9 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L10 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L11 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L12 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L13 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L14 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L15 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L16 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L17 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L18 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L19 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L20 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L21 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L22 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L23 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L24 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L25 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L26 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L27 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L28 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L29 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L30 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L31 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L32 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L33 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L34 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L35 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L36 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L37 £50  delivery charge £30  delivery charge
L38 £50  delivery charge £30  delivery charge
L39 £50  delivery charge £30  delivery charge
L40 £50  delivery charge £30  delivery charge
L67 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L68 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L69 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
L70 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge

Discover High-Quality Timber Supplies in Liverpool with Theo’s Timber

If you are in need of high-quality timber supplies for your project in Liverpool, look no further than Theo’s Timber. We offer an extensive selection of top-grade timber products, making us one of the leading timber merchants who cover Liverpool.

Whether you need supplies for a big construction job or a small DIY project, we have the expertise and materials to meet your needs. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and reliable delivery services, you can trust us to provide the products you need, when you need them.