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Timber vs. Concrete Fence Posts

Choosing Between Timber and Concrete Garden Fence Posts

Using cut to size timber for garden fence panels can provide the precision to give a quality look to the garden. However, what to do about the posts?

cut to size timberChoosing between timber or concrete for the posts will come down to personal preference after taking in to account the different qualities the two options offer.

Timber for a Natural Appearance

Timber looks a more stylish material than concrete and provides a warmer, more natural look. Timber also fits in better to the natural surroundings of your garden compared to concrete posts. If you have already opted for wooden fence panels then timber posts will bring a level of consistency which can be aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

Which One Needs More of My Time?

Concrete is a more durable choice, and providing water does not penetrate through cracks or chips it can last for 25 years with little maintenance. As you would expect with a more natural product such as timber this can need treating as much as once every two years to maintain its integrity. The level of care required will depend on the type of wood involved and whether it was treated. While timber posts are cheaper than concrete, the costs of treatment over the years will mean there is not much difference in costs in the long term. Some people will not let treatment put them off timber posts as they will need to treat their wooden fence panels anyway.

I Would Like a Feeling of Security

Although you want your fencing to look good, you also want it to do one of its primary jobs and add a level of security to your home. With concrete posts the panels can be easier to slide out, whereas wooden panels will be screwed in to wooden posts, making their removal much harder for any unwanted trespassers. Being screwed in can also help negate windy conditions and stop the panels rattling.

Personal Preference

In making a decision you will need to assess the pros and cons of both materials and tally them against your priorities for garden posts. Theo’s Timber Ltd can supply cut to size timber in Manchester and throughout the North West. You can rely on great service and advice from our family run business, holders of an FSC certificate, showing our commitment to sustainability. With this certificate our customers know the timber is produced in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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