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Where to use Flexible MDF

Theo’s Timber are leading suppliers in flexible MDF (also known as bendy MDF) sheets and boards. This bendy timber can be used for a variety of purposes such as custom kitchen and living room fittings. All of our flexible MDF products are of the highest quality meaning you can get the perfect finish on your carpentry projects.

flexible MDF usesMedium Density Fibreboard (or MDF) is made by gluing together small wood pieces using resin the treating them under extreme pressure and temperature. The inexpensive nature of MDF is part of what makes it a popular material in construction. You get the attractive, classic look of real wood without the astronomical costs it comes with.

Flexible MDF is designed to be used on curved surfaces like reception desks, door and bar fronts. Our affordable flexi MDF allows you to keep your project budget intact without compromising the quality of items. The cost-savings gained can go towards others aspects of your construction.

The distinction between MDF and Plywood

A common question, particularly among first-time buyers, is what difference exists between plywood and MDF. The two are easily mistaken, and some builders may use one instead of the other. Firstly, MDF undergoes high pressure and temperature treatment, leaving it without any voids. Because MDF is made by binding minute wood pieces, the sheets don’t have a wood grain. When buying plywood, you have the option of long or cross grain.

MDF is cheaper than plywood because it is an engineered wood composite while the later comes from wood veneers. Because plywood uses different wood species like birch, oak and pine, the higher the grade, the more expensive it is. The construction of plywood makes it a sturdier building material than MDF, which is why it can be used on subfloors.

Easy to Use

Now that you understand where to use flexible MDF, you can find the most suitable product. Theo’s Timber carries bendy MDF sheets in different dimensions to cater to the broad requirements of our customers. The soft edges of bendy MDF make it the perfect material for decorating wooden pieces and its consistency results in smooth cuts.

Do you need flexi MDF for a gardening project, hotel renovation or new construction? Then, we have suitable products for all demands.


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