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Uses of Melamine Faced Boards

What are Melamine Faced Boards?

Melamine faced boards, sometimes called Conti-board or melamine chipboard, is a versatile type of board with many different applications and uses from bedroom furniture like wardrobes to kitchen cabinets.

Here at Theo’s Timbers Ltd, we offer Melamine faced chipboard in white and cream measuring 2440 x 1220 mm as an ideal material for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Uses of Melamine Chipboard

The reason that melamine boards are so popular across the professional and DIY industries is its versatility. Since it is lightweight and tool friendly, it is very easy to work with on a variety of different projects.

In the Kitchen

Melamine faced boards are most commonly used in the kitchen when constructing frames and kitchen cabinets. Once these have been completed, there are a wide variety of options for doors and accessories.


Since melamine boards are tool friendly, it is a simple matter to cut Melamine Faced Boardsthem to any size and they can also be faced with any one of a huge range of colours. To help with matching other interior design choices, it is also possible to use edging tape in complementary or contrasting colours.

In the Bedroom

Melamine boards are perfectly suited for the construction of bespoke cabinets, wardrobes and other bedroom furniture. This means that creating custom bedroom furniture for a fraction of the cost of buying a new set can be easily accomplished for a small fraction of the cost.

The Advantages of Melamine Faced Chipboard

First and foremost, melamine faced chipboard does not require any kind of finishing. After a unit or piece of furniture has been constructed and fitted into its position, it does not need any further treatment. If timber or plywood were to be used instead, both require a lot of extra work with many layers of a finish as well as additional sanding after each coat has been applied and given time to dry. This comes with a high time requirement and in the end, melamine is much more stain resistant than varnish so the extra effort is not worth the required time.

Theo’s Timber is a family-owned and run wholesaler who operates out of Manchester who can provide everything you might need for any melamine board based project. Use our website to buy your materials directly with options for either delivery or collection as suits you.

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