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What Is Timber Cladding?

Timber Cladding, The Increasingly Popular Choice

Timber cladding can be used on commercial and domestic properties to enhance the aesthetics of the building while providing protection too. It is an increasingly popular form of cladding as it is economical and provides good insulation.

Also known as weatherboard, variousHardwood timber woods and cladding types can be employed to find the best solution for your building. Theo’s Timber Ltd are family owned merchants, quality suppliers of timber in Manchester and throughout the North West, whose online store means you can conveniently buy hardwood timber online.

Different Woods Traditionally Used

A variety of different wood species can be used in timber cladding and the decision on which one to employ for your building will be largely determined by the look you are after and the budget set. Within Britain oak, elm, larch and sweet chestnut are among the traditional timbers which have been used for centuries to protect buildings from moisture and the penetration of air. Western red cedar is also popular due to it being naturally resistant to decay and moisture absorption, while also having a relatively knot-free appearance. Increasingly popular today when designing a more modern, contemporary building are imported wood species such as Canadian western red cedar and Siberian larch.

Maintenance of Timber Cladding

Timber cladding can bring a high quality look to any building, commercial or domestic. By having it expertly installed and by treating the timber you can help your cladding last longer, protecting it against the elements and retaining its natural look. Without proper protection the timber becomes exposed to variations in moisture and temperature which can affect the shape of the wood. Thought should also be given to when is the best time to install your timber cladding. By cladding your property between April and October you are more likely to avoid any potential warping issues as surfaces will dry more evenly.

Environmentally Friendly Cladding

Another reason timber cladding is becoming a more popular option is because it is viewed as a more environmentally friendly choice, being reusable and renewable. Timber cladding also offers different profiles, including clean lines or a more rustic, traditional waney-edge design. Learning about the different design possibilities with timber cladding can open your eyes to enhanced building design. At Theo’s Timber Ltd you can select from our extensive range to buy hardwood timber online. Alongside our excellent customer service our website offers the essential convenience of buying direct.

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