Important Information about Conti Board

Whether you are an experienced builder or just trying to DIY, it is evident that you will need a versatile contiboard to meet all your furniture and storage needs. Contiboard can be used to make shelves, storage spaces and furniture. These can range from simple shelves to complex storage, sliding wardrobes or a bookshelf to occupy a vacant room. Theo’s Timber Ltd are an established contiboard supplier who sells boards that come in user-friendly sizes and with similar edging tape to give you that beautiful finish.

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Desirable Features of Contiboard

Being reputable conti board suppliers, we believe that quality Contiboard should have these features:

  • Stain, scratch and heat resistant with durable melamine finish
  • Easy to edge with the contiboard iron-on edging tape
  • Can easily be cut using a fine saw
  • Can get drilled and fixed with chipboard screws
  • Come with a sturdy material that can be used in various applications

Cutting ContiBoard

Before you can cut a ContiBoard, we would recommend that you measure it using a sharp steel tape and mark it into panels with a sharp pencil. If you want to make the process faster, consider using a vice to hold the panels with the same size together.

Use a high quality saw that is sharp enough with at least 14 teeth per inch. Place the board facing outward to ensure that small chippings remain on the inner part. On either side of the cutting sketched line, support the board. Our advice is that you don’t saw closer to the edge than 10mm. If you are not confident about cutting the board, consider practising on a spare material.

If you are really in a hurry, get an electric saw that you can fit with a sharp crosscut. With this kind of saw, cut with the part you want to be exposed underneath. This is contrary to when using a hand saw.

If you notice that the cut surface is very rough, wrap a coarse glass paper around a tiny block and smoothen the edges. To get a smooth finish, start working from the end towards the middle.

Cleaning the ContiBoard

We always advise people to use soap and water if they want to get rid of any glue that was used to stick labels to the contiboard. However, they shouldn’t dampen it as it might end up destroyed. You can also use turpentine or a nail polish remover to achieve similar results.

We don’t recommend paint it unless it is a white contiboard that has a melamine surface. This should first be cleaned using water and soap and sanded. You can then use an oil-based or any laminate paint.

Using Iron on Conti Edging Tape

We advise that you ensure the board is clean and dry before ironing. To do this, apply the edging tape to the surface. Proceed to cover it with plain paper and carefully press down the warm iron. Use a knife or chisel to trim the board for a clean finish.