Cement Based Particle Boards

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Cement board is one of the most commonly used construction material today. It is made from sand and cement, and is reinforced by fibreglass mats on both sides. The material is available in 3 × 5-foot and 4 × 8-foot that are either 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch thick.
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Cement boards consist of a mix of cement and reinforcing fibres, and these can either be treated wood flakes or a cellulose fibre plant extract. Cement particle boards contain wood flakes as reinforcement, and as such have a high load-bearing capacity. Strength-wise, it also performs better than timber and plasterboard panel products and can add impact resistance and strength to a wall surface, making it ideal for use with floors, ceilings, and wall partitioning. Additionally, the mix of cement and wood means that it offers sound resistance that can be a useful addition to its other properties.

Cement particle board can be used in a shower room or bathroom setting as it is very good at resisting moisture absorption and also protects against insect and fungal attacks, including mildew. Even when adversely affected by water, it has better drying properties than other types of building boards, for example, plasterboard.
It has a high level of fire resistance and can be fabricated in such a way that it is suitable for curved surfaces. With all these benefits as well as a long life span, it will undoubtedly enhance the quality of your building projects.


  • Highly resistant to moisture and decay.
  • Is not affected by insect or fungal attack.
  • Does not warp or crack when installed correctly.

Non-Hazardous to Health

  • Does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds.

Fire Resistant

  • It is difficult to ignite.
  • Does not emit toxic gases and vapour when exposed to fire.

Excellent Dimensional Stability

  • Resilient to changes in temperature and humidity.

Impact and Abrasion Resistant

  • Doesn’t succumb easily to physical damage or scuffs and scratches.

Easy to Install

  • It is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Can be cut, drilled, sawn and sanded with common woodworking tools.
  • Ideal for dry construction methods.

Minimal Maintenance

  • Virtually maintenance-free.

Cement Particle Boards Uses

Cement particle boards can be supplied in various thicknesses that perform well for specific applications. These include:


Cement boards can be used as an alternative to wooden flooring. The panels are ideal for insulating floors in different climatic conditions. They are also used as a covering for underfloor heating systems, mezzanine flooring, hollow flooring and floating floors.

The best part of using a cement particle board for flooring is that it offers diverse options for surface coatings and treatment.

Substrate for wall tiles

Cement particle boards adhere well to tiles and offer a smooth, sturdy surface making them an ideal choice for an underlayment. When installed, they prevent tile and grout from cracking and breaking.

The boards are commonly used as an underlayment for kitchen and bathroom wall tiles.

Internal linings on rain screen cladding projects

A cement particle board offers superior performance and is structurally stronger compared to timber and plasterboard sheathing.

General purpose external boarding

These particle boards are used to clad exterior surfaces in applications where the surface has to be moisture-proof, fireproof, durable and fire-resistant.

Cement boards can also be used in module and container fabrication, stud work interior walls and the construction of ceilings.


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