Cross Grain Bending

Order Cross Grain Bending MDF wood in a range of different sizes here at Theo’s Timber Ltd. Based in Manchester, we can deliver throughout the North West, UK.

As the name suggests, cross grain bending is a technique for shaping wood with the grain running across the piece of timber. This technique is most often used with sheets of MDF to create curved or shaped panels. When you bend this type of product either direction at right angles, it doesn’t break or lose any stiffness because of its unique design that allows it to be bent without breaking. This means we’re able to provide some cross grain products in pre-cut sizes, allowing the product to be manufactured with superior accuracy while ensuring you receive a panel more accurately sized than anything else on the market today.

Cross Grain Bending MDF is used in various applications, including making curved panels to fit in arches or other round areas where cross grain bending MDF is needed. Arches are typically made out of cross grain bent timber, using either solid wood or cross grain bent plywood.

The cross grain bending process involves heating the sheet of cross grain bent MDF to make it pliable and then using a cross grain bending form to shape it. The cross grain bending form is typically made of wood and the cross grain bent MDF sheet is placed inside this cross grain bending form.

Once the cross grain bent MDF has cooled and set into its new shape, it is removed from the cross grain bending form.

For any enquiries on our cross grain bending MDF products please call Theo’s Timber on 0161 834 6789 or email any enquiries to

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