Standard Density MDF

Standard density fibreboard MDF from Theo’s Timber Ltd, available to order in a range of different sizes. Based in Manchester, we can deliver throughout the North West, UK. Call our timber specialists on 0161 834 6789 or email with any enquiries.

At Theo’s Timber, we supply standard density MDF in varying widths and lengths to suit your requirements. If standard density MDF isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, take a look at our low or high density MDF boards. Based in Manchester, we supply standard density fibreboard for a range of uses.

In standard density fibreboard, there is a standard amount of resin added to each cubic metre board. As standard density MDF contains a standard number of fine sand particles as well, standard density can be sanded and machined to a certain extent so it’s usually the best choice for sanding down and finishing off with a paint or varnish.

Standard density MDF can be used for a variety of standard applications, including: cabinet making, decoration and general arts and crafts. It is also often used for ornamental purposes such as signs, plaques and wooden models for jewellery boxes.

To find out more about our range of standard density fibreboard, see below for the different options available. Our MDF team are also on hand to help with any queries. Call us on 0161 834 6789 or email for support.

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Showing all 6 results