Timber Supplies Blackpool

Picking a timber supplier is a delicate decision because the partner you get influences the calibre of your projects. Whether constructing an apartment, renovating a house or building a deck, you want durable and good-quality timber products. Theos Timber is one of the most experienced timber merchants that cover Blackpool.

For years, we have provided contractors, builders and DIY enthusiasts with an excellent selection of timber products. Our experience affords us a wealth of knowledge that put us on the list of the most sought-after timber suppliers Blackpool provides.

Comprehensive Range of Top-Quality Timber Products

At Theos Timber, we understand the diverse needs of our clients. That’s why we’re proud to present customers with a vast array of timber supplies. Serving homeowners, builders, and contractors in Blackpool, our product selection is broad and of exceptional quality:

  • Plywood: Our robust and durable plywood is perfect for a wide array of applications.
  • MDF: Suitable for both interior and exterior projects, our MDF provides a smooth finish, making it a popular choice in Blackpool.
  • Veneered Plywood: Offering the strength of plywood with the aesthetic appeal of natural wood grains, our veneered plywood is second to none.

In addition to these, we also offer pressure-treated timber and environmentally-friendly options, catering to every requirement.

Easy Ordering Process

Another reason we are considered among the top timber suppliers Blackpool provides is our efficiency from the get-go. Once you decide on the products, the rest is easy. With a single click, you can navigate to the ordering page and submit the necessary details. Alternatively, contact our support team to place your order.

If you have a custom request, include it in your order, and we will fulfil it. You can ask for a custom cut or any special features to suit your application. Our experienced team is on standby to help with whatever you need.

Trustworthy Delivery to Blackpool and Beyond

As one of the timber merchants that cover Blackpool, we provide a reliable delivery service to ensure all customers receive their orders promptly. We have a small fleet of vehicles that enable us to get goods to different areas without outsourcing the service. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a third party during delivery.

Another advantage of running our own fleet is that we can keep the rates low. Expect affordable delivery costs that guarantee the best quality timber Blackpool has gets to your location in good condition. Check out the details of Blackpool delivery services to confirm the rates and the postcodes we serve.

Get Expert Advice From a Reliable Timber Merchant Today!

At Theos Timber, we are committed to serving you with a wide array of quality timber products and a delivery service you can trust. As the go-to timber merchant covering Blackpool, we promise to satisfy all your timber needs. Discover our extensive product range and place your order today!


Amount Purchased
£0 – £299 +VAT

Amount Purchased
£300 +VAT

FY1 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
FY2 £50  delivery charge £30  delivery charge
FY3 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
FY4 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
FY5 £50  delivery charge £30  delivery charge
FY6 £50  delivery charge £30  delivery charge
FY7 £50  delivery charge £30  delivery charge
FY8 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge