Birch Plywood

Looking for a hard-wearing building material that excels when it comes to strength and durability? Birch plywood is the way to go. At Theo’s Timber Limited, you’ll find a range of plywood sheets that are ideal for construction projects, DIY tasks and more.

With its cross-bonded construction, birch ply is perfect for creating bespoke shelving, furniture design and carrying out home improvements. What’s more, its shrink-resistance credentials make ply suitable for use around the home, while its smooth surface ensures a quality finish when painting and staining, every time.

Birch Ply: A Construction Material You Can Count On

Tired of settling for second-rate results when it comes to durability? Unlike other construction materials, birch plywood sheets aren’t made from a single piece of wood. Instead, several layers are pressed together, providing you with sheets of varying thickness to meet your exacting requirements.

The inner layers are made from durable ply stock, with these layers adhered together in various directions to provide different levels of strength. The outermost layers, known as the veneer layers, are typically smoother with a higher-quality grain. You’ll find a range of options in our range, with multiple thicknesses available to handle all manner of applications.

What Can Ply Be Used For?

Thanks to its strength and eye-catching aesthetics, birch faced plywood has endless applications. Use high-grace ply for carrying out structural work or construction projects. Thinking about installing a new flooring material? Ply can be used for underlayment purposes, fastening easily to a subfloor to create a smooth and even surface for tiles, carpet, hardwood and engineered flooring.

Because it’s so versatile, birch ply can also be utilised for a variety of home improvement projects. It’s far stronger than other sheet materials like MDF but makes a more cost-effective choice than solid wood. Thanks to its versatility and resistance to shrinking, you can use a ply sheet inside and out.

Thinking about using it to make furniture or create patterned flooring panels? Ply can easily be cut down to size, making your life easier. Whatever project you’ve got lined up, you’ll find an impressive selection of plywood products available at Theo’s Timber Limited.

Enjoy a First-Rate Finish with Birch Plywood

Birch faced plywood is a popular choice for furniture creation and construction projects. However, you need to think carefully when selecting birch plywood if you plan on painting or staining it. When using high-grade sheet material minimal preparation is required before applying paint, stains or varnishes. If you need to apply multiple layers of stain or varnish to your material, make sure you’re sanding down the surface between applications.

Take Your Pick from a Range of Plywood Products

Whatever project you have planned, you’ll find the right plywood products for the job in our impressive range. Need a hard-wearing material for construction work or structural applications? You’ll want to upgrade to a thicker material with robust cores. Thinking about using ply outdoors? Make sure you’re choosing a material that’s suitable for exterior use with a UV finish for improved weather resistance.

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