Softwood Core Plywood 2440 x 1220mm

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Softwood Exterior Plywood from Theo's Timber Ltd.

Plywood is a combination of wood pieces called plies which are glued together in several layers and are rotated at an angle of 90 degrees. Plywood is an ancient wood, and traces of it have been found in ancient Egypt. At Theo's Timber Ltd, we offer various types of flexible plywood, and we will highlight their benefits.

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Softwood Exterior Plywood.

Types of Plywood

Beech plywood

This is one of the most common flexible plywood used in several homes for furniture. The plywood can be found in thicknesses of 4mm to 50 mm and has a density weight of 750kg. Plywood is mainly used in the construction industry as a roofing material and flooring. Also, it is used in the automotive industry.

 Benefits of Beech Plywood

  • The plywood is extremely hard.
  • The wood is incredibly strong and thus can be used to create doors that are hard to break.
  • The plywood contains natural red pigments of color creating a beautiful pattern. It can be used for good interior décor and designs for both furniture and automobiles.

Birch Plywood

This is high-quality plywood that is durable and resistant to moisture. It’s Water-resistant capabilities makes it excellent for building boats and roofing. Its light coloration provides an excellent finish creating beautiful pieces of furniture and toys. Lastly, Birch plywood is considered one of the safest woods to use. The finish of the wood is smooth and does not easily crack

Poplar plywood

This is known as the most prestigious plywood and is mainly used in woodwork projects such as building cabinets, drawers, and other furniture. It is light when compared to other plywood. It is the best option for most woodworkers.

Benefits of poplar plywood

  • The plywood is not hard and can be easily molded and hence the best option for furniture and woodworks.
  • This plywood Easy to work with as the lightness of the wood allows the creation of durable yet easily portable furniture.

Pine plywood

The plywood is used for wall construction and roofing. The wood is of medium strength and has great elasticity and machinability. The wood is resistant to shrinking and swelling and is a lot cheaper than traditional plywood.

At Theo’s Timber Ltd yards, we pride ourselves on both the high level of services and our quality products. We are one of the most competitive timber suppliers around providing a broad range of stock available across the North West of England.

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