Veneered Plywood

Veneered plywood should be a top consideration when looking for a durable material for a woodworking project. Veneer plywood is commonly used to make furniture with the material being perfect for wardrobes, desks and bookshelves. Construction is another area where the material shines, it is widely used for doors, floors and panelling projects.

The material has several advantages over solid wood, hence its popularity. Veneer plywood comes in a range of grades, enabling you to pick the most appropriate for the intended application. Theos Timber Ltd is a reputable supplier of veneer plywood, we have the material in various thicknesses and cuts to suit varying budgets and requirements.

Features of Veneered Plywood

The construction of plywood veneer gives it distinct properties that make it more suitable than solid wood in some applications. For one, the sheets are engineered with hardwood, such as solid oak or maple. Therefore, they are durable and can survive the pressure of both interior and exterior use. The application determines the best type to buy. Birch plywood, for example, is ideal for flooring and roofing because it provides structural stability.

Since the material consists of several sheets glued together, it is rigid, preventing sagging along the boards. Plywood veneers are easy to oil, wax or paint. So, you can have a decorative veneered exterior without spending too much. This characteristic also makes the material suitable for interior use, particularly flooring. Depending on the usage, you can combine the material with flexible plywood for maximum benefits. Another advantage is that the material is easy to machine and cut. Whatever woodworking project you are working on, you can find boards in the right size. If you prefer crown cut veneered plywood, we have that too.

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