Oak Veneered Plywood (2440 x 1220mm)

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Premium Oak Veneered Plywood

Are you looking for a solid wood alternative that blends density and beauty perfectly? The oak veneered plywood is the material you need. It is made by bonding sliced oak veneers on a commercial plywood core. The face veneers vary in thickness, which contributes to a panel’s quality. Oak veneer plywood is extremely versatile. You can get it for furniture, cabinets, musical instruments, desks, flooring and wardrobes. Theos Timber Ltd is one supplier that guarantees you first-grade veneered plywood in various types. Our plywood panels are available in different sizes.

Features of Oak Plywood

Our products are created using wood face veneers bonded to Birch plywood. This plywood has a hard-wearing surface layer, making it ideal for floors. It can withstand the pressure of regular use. The panels are rigid, eliminating the risk of sagging. Our sheets are veneered on one side and, so, are suitable for structural projects requiring a high-quality finish on the top side. Real wood veneers give the surface a unique texture, grain and colour.

Oak faced ply is easy to wax, stain and oil, so you can customise it with different finishes. It can also be matched with strips. The finished panels are easy to clean, and veneered plywood cuts easily – making it perfect for DIY projects! You can also have sheets cut to size if needed.

Highest Quality Veneer Ply

Theos Timber Ltd only stocks quality products, guaranteeing durable installations. We are certified by the FSC, meaning all our wooden building materials are sustainably sourced. Crown cut oak veneer plywood is available, offering panels with distinct characters. The standard thickness of our oak veneered plywood is 2440 x 1200 mm. Check out our catalogue for other available products. If you have questions about our veneer plywood, then don’t hesitate to consult us.


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