Moulding & Beads in Softwood & Hardwood

Mouldings - Glass BeadsTheos Timber Limited offer a wide variety of timber mouldings and wooden beads. These are commonly used for decorative purposes including re-doing your skirting boards and hanging up a picture frame as well as being able to fit them on your walls and ceiling. We have a range of different mouldings and beads materials in stock such as hardwood, softwood, oak, MDF and glass.

When decorating your living spaces, colour and furniture are the primary considerations, but timber mouldings and beading can really finish off the effect and bring a room to life. Mouldings are machined timber that can enhance the look of any room, and beading is a decorative piece of wood that can be applied to soften edges while also protecting against the wood splitting.

Uses of Mouldings and Beading

They can be used together or separately for skirting boards, dado or picture rails, cornices, decorative mouldings, and architraves, and are equally attractive as finishing touches in either contemporary or period homes. You can add character and elegance to doors in general by using beading to keep glass in place securely, and internal doors particularly can benefit aesthetically by adding beading. For example, this Ovolo glass beading is engineered specifically to add style and quality to any door.

A dado rail can be the defining line between different colours or textures on a wall, and adding a picture rail can make a high-ceiling room seem more cosy and intimate. The addition of any of our mouldings or beading can add character to your living spaces, and can also hide gaps and rough edges meaning they can be both practical and decorative. When laying hardwood or laminate flooring, it is essential that an expansion gap is left to allow for any expansion due to moisture absorption. Mouldings are useful here also to mask the presence of the gap and to finish off the look of the floor.

Our Products

We at Theos Timber have a wide range of different mouldings and beading made from both hardwood and softwood, including pine, oak effect and solid oak beading, and MDF mouldings. We only use the best quality products which can be painted, varnished or stained to match the ambience and colour scheme of your home.

Please contact us to discuss types, quantities and price. All sizes need to be checked as slight variations may occur.

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