Moisture Resistant Chipboard

Order moisture resistant chipboard from Theo’s Timber with different sizes available. Based in Manchester, we can deliver throughout the North West, UK.

We carry different grades in various sizes including 3050mm x 1250mm, 3050mm x 1830mm and 2400mm x 600mm to fulfill the needs of furniture makers and those who use it for wall partitions. Unlike furniture grade chipboard, P3 moisture resistant chipboard is easier to work with thanks to its strong glue bond which makes it water-resistant. Should moisture penetrate under the board, it will not cause warpage. Additionally these moisture resistant chipboard panels come in the same thickness as regular chipboard and are easy to nail or screw with moisture resistant glue preferred.Suitable for use in the interior of furniture and other applications where moisture resistance is required such as kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, timber window frames etc. Moisture resistant chipboard panels comply with BS5534 specification for Particleboards.

Is moisture resistant chipboard waterproof?

Moisture resistant chipboard and moisture proof chipboard panels are similar in that they both have a moisture barrier sandwiched between two layers of woodfibre board, making them moisture resistant – or slow to absorb moisture. Waterproof boards can’t be made from natural materials like timber because it absorbs moisture. However the moisture barrier used on moisture resistant chipboard allows some moisture in along with oxygen (a by-product of mould growth). This keeps the surface dry while it also slows down water consumption through diffusion. So yes, moisture resistant chipboard may stay damp for longer than regular wood before becoming saturated and potentially causing rot.

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