Moisture Resistant MDF

Here at Theos Timber, we supply and distribute high quality Moisture Resistant MDF. This is useful since it may be used in areas where there is a danger of moisture exposure and promotes the usage of internal applications such as cabinets, wall panelling, architrave, skirting boards, and bathroom & bedroom furniture.

The way in which moisture resistant MDF is achieved is through a process of impregnating the MDF board’s surface with chemicals, which when cured forms a water-resistant bond from the MDF to itself. This creates an extremely strong and durable layer, which ensures that it will be able to stand up against the elements.

The moisture resistant resin system is a combination of resin and chemicals that are mixed together in a high intensity mixer. They are then applied to the MDF board as either a single or double coat, depending on the application demand. When dried, the chemicals form a water resistant surface within 10 minutes.

This creates a high internal strength bond which makes the board extremely strong. The resin is resistant to termites, fungal decay and moisture, which means it will never shrink or rot.

Moisture resistant MDF is commonly used in the joinery and trades industries where a product’s surface is going to be exposed to the elements and humid conditions. The smooth surface finish is also perfect for creating paint finishes and polish finishes.

Quality Water Resistant MDF Sheets

As a reputable timber merchant, we only source the best quality water resistant MDF sheets from the industry’s leading suppliers. We carry a wide selection of MDF profiles, which can be easily machined into a range of shapes and sizes.

The thickness we supply water resistant mdf at ranges from 2440x1220mm to 3050x1220mm. For other sizes, we can always arrange to cut custom sheet sizes for you by request.

If you’re searching for other types of MDF, check out our range of veneered and flexible MDF in a variety of profiles and thicknesses, which include other alternative options.

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