Theo’s Timber offers four types of chipboard which includes furniture grade, moisture resistant, standard grade chipboard and T+G chipboard.

Chipboard is made from the least used bits from the forest. These generally are debarked and cut down and mixed into fine and coarse pieces. This is then layered and glued at the same time with the fine pieces to the outside and the coarse pieces to the inside. The higher the density the stronger the board, hence the different grades including standard, moisture resistant, furniture and flooring.

Moisture Resistant Chipboard – To achieve a moisture resistant grade moisture resistant glue is added instead of standard glue. This product is used for furniture, fixed seating, chairs etc.(image source: )

Furniture Grade Chipboard – A higher standard of chipboard with a smoother finish and no knots, is used for furniture which needs to be painted or stained. Standard chipboard can warp more easily than furniture grade chipboard due to the rough surface and not all unsightly knots are removed.

Standard chipboard should never be confused with T&G chipboard, as it is only available in one size 4’x8′ (152cm x 244cm). However T&G chipboard has 15 different varieties, sizes and thicknesses from 1/4″ up to 9″.

Chipboard does what it says on the board: wood chippings encased in a board, from the least used bits of the forest. It is a popular material for flat pack furniture.

Flooring grade chipboard is available in panels which measure 2,400 x 605 mm. Each panel comes with slots, to allow for easy interlocking. Another version of flooring grade chipboard – in peel clean form – has a tear-off plastic strip to keep its edges clean.

Why Theo’s Timber?

Theo’s Timber Limited is a family-run business with years of experience. Customers can expect original materials that meet the highest standards of manufacture. We have a competent and friendly staff that is ready to assist you in finding the right product if you are unsure. We offer an extensive selection of products so that customers can find T&G chipboards that suit their requirements. Theo’s Timber serves Manchester and other regions in the Northwest. Contact us for P5 and P6-graded T&G chipboard flooring.

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