Fire Retardant MDF

Fire retardant MDF is standard MDF engineered to provide extra fire protection. The particle board is made by blending wood chippings, waxes and resins. Its improved fire retardant properties make FR MDF boards suitable for a broad category of uses. Due to the small strands used, the sheets are lightweight, making installation uncomplicated.

Compared to other fireproof solutions for interior construction, FR MDF is inexpensive. Theo’s Timber is a top supplier of premium-grade fire rated MDF in different sizes. The sheets have great machining and cutting properties.


Fire retardant MDF is incredibly versatile. You can use it for various applications. It’s suitable for non-structural uses, such as partitions, wall linings and ceilings. The material is common in public buildings with a need for fire protection, like schools, libraries and offices. Since FR MDF sheets work well with adhesives and paints, you can meet different design needs.

Euro Classes and Thicknesses

Our fireproof MDF sheets come in a range of thicknesses. So, you can find the most appropriate size for your applications. If you can’t find a thickness suitable for specific uses, contact us to see if you can order a custom size. Special orders are subject to minimum quantity requirements.

The boards meet the reaction standards as per EN3501 for fire Class B and C, formally BS746 Class 1 and 2, respectively. However, Class B is not a direct replacement for Class 1 or Class C for Class 2.

Building Regulations and Safety Requirements

You can trust our fire retardant MDF boards since they have been through rigorous testing to ensure they satisfy building regulations. The material is made for use in public areas where the building regulations call for flame-retardant boards.

In the event of a fire, our FR MDF slows down burning, providing time for the appropriate reactions. For example, Class C sheets can slow the spread of fire by up to 30 minutes. As with standard MDF, fire rated MDF generates dust. Therefore, use the right protective gear when working with this material. Also, ensure you are working in a well-ventilated setting.

Machining Qualities

FR MDF is no different from regular MDF when it comes to machining. Since the material is denser than most woods, it requires the highest-quality machining tools. The flame-retardant additives in the material can decrease tool life. Expect excellent cutting qualities from fireproof MDF, enabling you to get pieces to suit certain applications.

Browse Theo’s Timber catalogue to see the options available for fire rated MDF. Filter sheets according to sizes. As an FSC-certified company, we can assure you that our FR MDF is environmentally friendly.

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