Door Sets

Internal door sets featuring doors, frames architraves & ironmongery assembled by a skilled joinery division at Theo’s Timber in Manchester. Call 0161 834 6789.

What are Doorsets?

Door sets are pre assembled units consisting of 4 items, your chosen door, frame, architraves & ironmongery. Each door set is put together by our skilled joinery division, to ensure all components are accurate before delivery to site.

Choose your DOOR

( Door size, Fire Rating (FD30, FD60,) Door Finish Machine Doors

Choose your FRAME

(Softwood, Hardwood, Intumiscent seals, frame section)

Choose your VISION PANEL
(Glass specification, Size)

(Locks, Latches) – CAN BE SUPPLIED

Choose your ARCHITRAVE
(Size, Moulding)

Finally Choose your HANDING
(Left or Right Handed)

Please phone, email or fax your specifications.

Bespoke Pre-Assembled Internal Door Sets

We manufacture and supply pre-assembled internal door kits containing all the necessary components required for immediate installation. We specialise in producing bespoke architraves UK to your exact specifications ensuring every building or architectural project in Manchester and the north west achieves the highest quality finish.

Fireproof Architraves UK

We offer complete flexibility in choosing the components for our bespoke door kits. The architraves are cut and moulded with precision to provide frames that fit perfectly within your designated doorways. Frames are available in a variety of hard or soft woods. Included are intumescent coatings that expand when exposed to heat creating an effective sealed barrier against an outbreak of fire.

Bespoke Internal Door Sets

Our on-site team of highly-experienced carpenters cut and assemble superior doors to complement your bespoke frames. Each door is solidly constructed in the preferred hard or soft wood of your choice. Superb detailing using traditional carpentry skills includes dovetailing and mortice and tenon joints to provide excellent strength and durability for years of reliable use. Our doors are compliant with health and safety regulations and have fire prevention ratings of either FD30 or FD60 providing vital protection within the building.

In-Built Convenience

Doors are supplied ready to hang with appropriate hingeing for either left or right hand opening. We also offer a range of stylish finishes to enhance the appearance of the doors. Vision panels of your chosen size and shape can be cut into the doors. Panels are fitted with wired safety glass in accordance with current fire safety legislation. Doors can include suitable fittings with a wide choice of handles, latches and locks.

Excellent Service

We supply all types of timber including our superior bespoke internal door sets. We can manufacture and deliver single or multiple internal door kits for construction projects of any size. Flexible orders are fulfilled as one-off small or large batches or as a continual delivery of quantities to suit your requirements. We offer the convenience of telephone or online ordering services. We’ll deliver your internal door kits or if you prefer you can collect them. Theo’s Timber Ltd is a family-run business with an outstanding reputation for supplying high-quality timber and internal door kits manufactured with superior craftsmanship skills. For further information contact our friendly, knowledgeable customer services team on 0161 834 6789 or send us an email enquiry.

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