Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood, often known as ‘bendy plywood’ or ‘flexi ply’ is a material consisting of multiple layers of thin wood sheets (normally three to seven layers thick) which are glued together with the grain direction alternating from layer to layer. Here at Theos Timber, we supply 2 types of flexible plywood, cross grain and long bending in many different sizes.

Types of Flexible Plywood Sheets

The cross grain design of flexible plywood allows for a more natural feel and flexibility of use. For example, you can easily bend your flexible plywood into a tube that is the same width as its length. It is able to hold its shape while being twisted or bent around corners, making it an ideal material for craft projects such as table runners and placemats.

Whereas the long grain pattern of flexible plywood allows it to bend more than the cross grain pattern, such as doubling over on itself and giving a more rigid feel. This makes long grain perfect for projects that require taking sharp corners or curves such as lampshades and boxes.

There are many uses that flexible plywood can be put to, for example, it is commonly used for furniture and commercial projects such as shop fittings. Wherever curves are involved, flexible plywood is often the material of choice for many designers and architects.

Similar to veneered MDF, this sheet material offers a high quality finish that is suitable for many applications.

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