Standard Grade Chipboard

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Chipboard is used in a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic projects. The standard grade chipboard consists of materials that would normally be thrown away as waste. The standard grade chips are mixed together with a binding agent to make a standard grade chipboard panel which can then be used instead of solid wood panels for a multitude of uses.

Standard Grade Chipboard is an ideal material for general building work and joinery. The smooth sanded surface minimizes splinters and the rigid engineered panel makes it more durable than most commercial chipboards.

How Is Standard Chipboard Wood Made?

The process of turning waste materials into useful building products begins by sorting and grinding the timber. This is done in a complex, environmentally controlled facility that combines the use of technology with hand-sorting to produce three grades of chipboard – standard, special and semi.

Chipboard is a very high-quality material with good screw holding capabilities. Boards can be finished and coated differently based on your needs.They are used for work surfaces, internal fittings and joinery. Standard grade chipboard is a versatile material. It can be used for furniture, joinery, and manufacturing where the board will be covered in veneer or laminate. Construction, packaging and carpentry are some of the industries in which chipboard is a necessity.

The surface takes paint well but must be prepared by scraping or sanding down to the wood . The smoothness of the finish depends on how much it has been worked. A fine sand ing is recommended to produce a very smooth finish. Chipboard can be cut with the same tools as plywood and it can also be nailed, screwed or glued.

The wood needs no treatment other than painting. For exterior work though it should be primed before applying finish because chipboard doesnt have much resistance against moisture.

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