Timber Supplies Stockport

As the premier timber supplier in Stockport, Theos Timber is renowned for its quality timber products and reliable delivery services. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of timber, serving homeowners, builders, and contractors alike. When it comes to timber in Stockport, Theos Timber is a name you can trust.

Comprehensive Range of Timber Products

At Theos Timber, we offer an extensive selection of timber supplies in Stockport. Our product range includes everything from traditional plywood and MDF to veneered plywood and more. Each piece of timber that we offer boasts superior quality, ensuring durability and longevity in your construction projects.

We stand by the quality of our timber, much of which comes with special features such as pressure-treated options ensuring resistance against rot and pests, and sustainable options, adhering to our commitment to eco-friendliness. Explore our diverse product catalogue here.

Reliable Delivery Services in Stockport

We understand the importance of a dependable delivery service. That’s why, as one of the leading timber merchants that cover Stockport, we have worked diligently to provide a prompt and reliable delivery service in the area and beyond.

Our delivery areas include numerous locations throughout Stockport, and our team is dedicated to ensuring your timber arrives in prime condition, ready for your projects. For detailed information about our delivery areas, charges, and conditions, please visit our delivery services page.

Easy Ordering Process

Ordering your timber supplies in Stockport has never been easier. Theos Timber offers a straightforward ordering process designed to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require standard sizes or have custom orders, we are prepared to accommodate your requests.

Start by browsing our expansive product range, make your selection, specify the quantities, and place your order. Our team will handle the rest, ensuring your timber is delivered promptly to your specified location in Stockport.

Choose Theos Timber for Your Timber Needs in Stockport

With Theos Timber, you can expect nothing less than the best timber in Stockport. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our exceptional delivery service, makes us the ideal choice for all your timber needs.

Join the numerous homeowners, builders, and contractors who rely on Theos Timber for their timber supplies in Stockport. Experience the convenience of having high-quality timber delivered straight to your doorstep. Place your order with Theos Timber today!

Get Expert Advice From a Reliable Timber Merchant Today!

At Theos Timber, we are committed to serving you with a wide array of quality timber products and a delivery service you can trust. As the go-to timber merchant covering Blackpool, we promise to satisfy all your timber needs. Discover our extensive product range and place your order today!


Amount Purchased
£0 – £299 +VAT

Amount Purchased
£300 +VAT

SK1 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK2 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK3 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK4 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK5 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK6 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK7 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK8 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK9 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK10 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK11 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK12 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK13 £25  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK14 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK15 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK16 £15  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK17 £25  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK22 £25  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!
SK23 £25  delivery charge FREE DELIVERY!