Timber Supplies Warrington

Premium quality timber is not hard to find when working with a reputable company. Theos Timber is one of the best-rated timber suppliers Warrington offers. We are an experienced timber merchant that stocks a wide range of products. Whether you are looking for a chipboard distributor, MDF supplier or Conti board merchant, we are the right partner for you. We are committed to providing products that meet the highest industry standards.

Our passion for improving the building material industry drives us to provide some of the best quality timber supplies Warrington offers to buyers. Theos Timber supplies products at competitive prices, ensuring all types of customers can get what they need. Whether working on a commercial or domestic project, come to us for your timber supplies.

Get the Finest Timber in Warrington

Are you a DIY enthusiast? A trade professional? Whatever your timber requirements, we are the right company to partner with. We have a broad product line that includes hardwoods, softwoods and sheet material. You can find laminate wood flooring, worktops, OSB boards, chipboards, melamine-faced boards, carcassing timber, and different types of plywood.

Theos Timber boasts one of the most extensive selections of timber Warrington provides, from engineered to treated. You don’t have to spend time searching for building materials from multiple suppliers. All our timber comes from well-managed, sustainable forests. We are an FSC-certified timber company and, so, have a solid environmental policy.

Our services are as excellent as our products. We rate among the top timber merchants that cover Warrington. For years, we have worked with different clients on widely varying projects. Therefore, we understand what our customers need.

If you don’t know which timber supplies to get for your project, we can help. Our well-informed support team is always ready to help. We accepted requests for custom cutting. Our experts can also help you stay within the budget for your small- or large-scale project.

Reliable Delivery Services To Warrington Postcodes

After placing your order, we will have it delivered efficiently. You can trust the quality of our services because we don’t outsource. Therefore, we maintain consistently high standards for each delivery. Additionally, we provide great rates, making us some of the most affordable timber suppliers Warrington has. Thanks to our small fleet of vehicles, we cover different postcodes.

Thanks to our small fleet of vehicles, we cover different postcodes. Contact us if you have any special requests for your products or delivery. Browse our product selection to find some of the most sought-after timber supplies in Warrington.

Theos Timber Ltd is among the leading timber merchants that cover Warrington. Regardless of the size of your project, be confident you can find suitable products and satisfactory service here.


Amount Purchased
£0 – £299 +VAT

Amount Purchased
£300 +VAT

WA1 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA2 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA3 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA4 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA5 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA6 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA7 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA8 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA9 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA10 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA11 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA12 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA13 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA14 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA15 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA16 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA55 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge
WA88 £35  delivery charge £15  delivery charge