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Guide To Hanex Acrylic Surfaces

What are Hanex Acrylic Surfaces?

Hanex acrylic is a substance made using natural materials and acrylic resin. The end product is moulded into sheets with different shapes and patterns. Hanex Acrylic worktops tend to have a wide range of colours to suit different styles. The surfaces are great for commercial and residential uses.

kitchen laminate worktopPopular uses include kitchen countertops, backdrops, vanity spaces, sinks, furniture pieces, shelving, and other living spaces. The material is durable and comes with a ten-year warranty.

Advantages of Hanex Acrylic Surfaces

  • Easy to clean with a moist cloth
  • The surfaces are of the highest quality
  • They are heat, scratch, stain, mould, and pollutant resistant, making them a sustainable countertop in kitchens.
  • The Hanex acrylic surfaces have a ten-year warranty because they are durable
  • The Hanex tops are environmentally friendly because they are renewable and repairable in case of any damage.
  • Available in over 70 vibrant colours for customers to choose
  • Tested and certified by the National Sanitation for Food Safety and Food Contract hence suitable as kitchen countertops
  • Easy to maintain as the product requires no extra care instructions
  • Hanex worktops are sleek and neat because they are seamless and have a soft luxurious texture
  • There is a wide range of designs that can be incorporated into residential and commercial spaces seamlessly

Buyer guide

Before heading out to buy a Hanex worktop, list down the size, colour, and design pattern that you want. You can do a quick search online for Hanex acrylic surfaces near you and visit the store to see the collection. If you are doing renovations, you can consult your contractor on the most suitable countertop design. Choose a colour and design that complements your current theme. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colours or patterns since they add a pop of style into your living space.


The installation of Hanex acrylic worktops needs a professional touch to look amazing. Find a local professional with a good track record of installing solid Hanex acrylic surfaces. A professional installation should have a transferable 10-year warranty against fabrication and installation defects. The warranty can reassure future home buyers that the worktops will stay in excellent condition. The cost of installation can vary with the surface and the geographical location.

Hanex worktops for wooden furniture

Theo’s Timber Ltd is a timber merchant located in Manchester and offers timber products across the northwest. You can get some unique cabinets or furniture pieces that will look amazing when paired with Hanex acrylic worktops. There are different quality woods with individual cuts at Theo’s Timber, and you can find something you like. Woods is an excellent surface for adding Hanex worktops to get a chic finishing in your living space. You can visit the stores to view samples and get advice on the most suitable wood products for your projects.

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