OSB 2 – 2440 x 1220mm

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OSB 2 – None Structural

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OSB 2 – None Structural

Do you want a durable and versatile building board? Well, if you need one, OSB 2 board from Theo Timber limited is the real deal. Our Oriented Standard Board (OSB) construction is similar to Plywood construction as it contains opposing-orientation of wood fibres that guarantees strength and rigidity. Our OSB boasts outstanding cross dimensional stability, excellent load-bearing properties, as well as an attractive wood patterned finish.

OSB 2 board is primarily made for structural applications in interior and dry environments. When compared to chipboard, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), and other common plywood options, OSB expenses a smooth surface for improved mechanical performance by incorporating long strands of wood.

Benefits and Features

  • It has a wonderful load-bearing board to enable you to use it in dry conditions.
  • It is free of natural flaws such as knots, core voids, and weak areas because it’s designed from wood strands.
  • It is perfect for basic shuttering, hoarding, packaging, shelving, exhibition displays, garden sheds, interior cladding, in-situ formwork, portable buildings, agricultural buildings, boarding up, as well as shopfitting and display.
  • It is designed from forest friendly, well-sourced timber.
  • It can be made from fast-growing and environmentally friendly wood species.
  • The product can be recycled at the end of its valuable life.
  • It can be sawn, sanded, stained, drilled, painted, planed, and routed.

Why Buy Our OSB

Technology has tremendously grown over the years as it has resulted in the production of durable and inexpensive building materials, but it is still advisable to turn toward natural wood products. Probably, you need to purchase our product due to its finish. While items designed from plastics, ceramics, and other materials can look appealingly pleasing, nothing can surpass the natural beauty of our OSB 2 board. OSB board has been the most prized and trusted working material since 1963. This product is far more flexible and versatile than most people realise.

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