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We have a wide range of melamine faced MDF or raw MDF with grooves slotted out by a CNC machine allowing for acrylic or metal shelves to be inserted into grooves. The grooves can be made stronger by putting plastic inserts in situ. These plastic inserts are in a range of colours. Also available wood veneer panels. Please ring us on 0161 834 6789 for a range of veneers or email any enquiries to

Are you looking for great deals in slatwalls and inserts? Contact Theos Timber merchants to sort you out with quality products. Besides, we have a wide variety of products to suit your taste. For instance, if you need plastic inserts to strengthen your groove, we have you covered. We deliver what you order right to your doorstep. In case you need quality inserts for your slatwall panels then we are the company to contact.

Difference between slatwalls and inserts

You need to know slatwalls and inserts are different exhibit displays. Slatwalls give much of a ladder type of appeal as they involve slats that run from side to side. The user creates adjustable shelving slats. Slatwalls have feature holes with insertion shelving that fit into the wall.

Therefore, it is good you know what exactly you are looking for. Slotwalls & inserts are of different sizes. At Theos Timber merchants, all our products are machine-slatted with ready-made plastic inserts.

Slotwall inserts are used to add both strength and visual appeal. We advise that you buy the inserts when you purchase the slotwall; that is because not all slat walls are interchangeable. Further, if you just thought about getting the panels sometime after you already bought the wall, it might be best if you contacted our experts to help out. Here at Theo’s Timber Ltd, we supply timber in Manchester and throughout the North West in the UK. If you need additional information about slat walls, here are some frequently asked questions that may help you:

Are all slat walls the same?

Well, the short response to this question would be yes. Slat walls come in different colours, but all serve the same purpose. They are mostly used in retail stores to support hangers, shelves, and buckets used for the display of products.

How are slat walls panels installed?

If you want to install them on a wall, make sure the wall is completely dry. You must use long screws and rawl plugs with holes drilled through the panels’ slots at short intervals. The last step is to add the panels to conceal the screw heads and give it an excellent finish.

Further, we advise that if you want them installed on batterns, first ensure they are dry and moisture-free. Place the batterns to the wall at intervals of 600mm. Also, ensure that each vertical edge of the panel connects at the centre of the battern. Lastly, drill holes through your slots for the panels to conceal the screws.

What is a slat wall panel?
In simple terms, slat walls are building materials used for shop fitting in display fixtures or wall coverings. The slat wall is made up of panels that are typically 4ft by 8ft. They are all made using horizontal grooves.
How strong are slat walls?
The normal slat wall is pretty strong and can withstand most shop display items. However, our reinforced slat wall has aluminium panels that amplify strength and holding capacity.
How do I install slatwall inserts?
You need a router to make wall slats and then insert custom shelves or inserts. However, you don’t have to worry as we have experts to do it for you. Slatwalls construction ideally focuses on holding heavy weights. You can comfortably display your heavy products without worry of the inserts breaking. Besides, we ensure your slatwall panel gets a finished look.
What types of slatwalls & inserts are there?
We use quality conventional materials. There is the melamine faced MDF with grooves to give space shelving. You can insert acrylic or metal shelves. Inserts are of different types depending on the slotwalls panel type you pick. There is the H section, T section and internal corners inserts.

Benefits of Ordering from Theo’s Timber:

If you are interested in ordering Timber from us, here are some benefits you will enjoy:

• Access to excellent quality products with an accurate finish
• We will deliver on all specifications.
• Get expert advice on the best way to achieve a specific design.
• We have all accessories you may need. Therefore, you will save on time you would have otherwise spent while shopping around.

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