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A Selection of Wooden Toy Ideas

Wooden toy design ideas for the summer holidays

Wooden toy dog image by Ivan Sabo (via Shutterstock).
Woof! Wooden toy dog image by Ivan Sabo (via Shutterstock).

The summer holidays are looming large. Apart from enduring six weeks of “Mum/Dad, I am bored”, the cost of keeping children amused can be expensive. If you’re a dab hand with the tool set (or have a teenage child with an interest in woodworking), our selection of wooden toy ideas might be your cup of tea. Instead of wasting any timber off cuts, why not put them to good use?

If you’re looking for a good source of wooden toy ideas, has a wealth of plans and tutorials. The Instructables website is another great source. Another useful source could be your car boot sale or a secondhand bookshop. Any edition of Dean’s Bumper Book of Things to Make by Violet M. Williams is a useful source. Not only for the length and breadth of projects, but also for nostalgia’s sake.

Here’s some of our favourite wooden toy ideas.

Logical Cube Puzzle

“When I was young…” well, back in 1989, you may have come across a puzzle game known as Tetris. This involved tessellation skills and stopping the blocks from getting to the top of your screen. From, is a wooden cube version. Both this and Tetris are based on another game called Pentominoes.

A pedalling cyclist

With Manchester city centre having its own version of the Boris Bikes (Mobikes), this wooden toy is a timely addition. Courtesy of Greenville Woodworkers, you can make a model of a Victorian style cyclist on a Penny Farthing.

Wooden trains

If you cannot afford the Brio wooden train sets, why not make your own wooden trains? This plan from AOK Corral shows you how to make a steam train, plus carriages and wagons. Great for recapturing in wooden toy form the heyday of Manchester Victoria station. Plus there’s scope to deviate from the original plans to recapture the modern scene. Longer pieces of wood could be used to make Metrolink trams or these annoying bus like things which squeal their way past Theo’s Timber.

Theo’s Timber, 10 July 2017.

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